Lumacoon  Maine Coon


We are a family of 4 children and 2 adults and our Maine Coon cats and so our German shepherd dogs.

We live near Aabenraa on a farm, the cats are a part of our family, out of the house, the cats have access to the aviary. Males live in males living in their own aviary, but also come in our enclosed garden or a trip inside to cuddle, mind you, when there are no females present.

I grew up with dogs and cats, and when I left home, moved immediately 2 beautiful Persian kittens in with me, for many years there was interest in Persian cats, later it was for a couple of cats and a Norwegian Forest Cat, in 2004 I bought my first Maine Coon, and I have simply fallen for this wonderful breed. which looks more like a lion in the code with its social mind and the herd instinct, than any other cat I have ever had.

So this small farming, where we make every effort to breed healthy, typically Maine Coon cats with the most beautiful temperament. From time to time Lumacoon be to make the div. exhibitions. not least of getting a review of the cats, so I have proof that my breed is fine and keeps the required standard.

Our cats have always updated health book. And being before they enter the breeding tested for HCM MYPBC3. PKdef and SMA. Within our kittens are moving to their new home, they are health checked, vaccinated, chipped / earmarked and also neutralized, if the kitten is not sold for breeding.

In addition to my family, cats and dogs provide. live a great content.

It's so amazing to have animals, they are a big part of our family.

Our dogs train in the shepherd club and around the country, the dogs we use for competition and exhibition.

We are members of Katteklubben associated Felis Danica, and the Mainecoon klub.

Den venlige kæmpe.

Vores katte har fra boligen adgang til kattesikret voliere, hvor de kan udfolde sig i et beriget miljø, her er kattehuler, hylder, træstammer, balancebumme, buske til at gemme sig i og søge skygge, en del af volieret er envidere overdækket med fast tag, resten med trådnet. 


Lumacoon i nye hjem

På vores facebook side Lumacoon Maine Coon, er der mange flere billeder af vores katte, hver kat har sit eget album.

Her er også mappen Lumacoon katte i nye hjem, her oploades de billeder som nye ejere er så flinke at sende, alle killinger i et kuld begynder med samme forbogstav, så det er let at finde søskende.

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